What are the Differences between Termites & Ants?

Ants that fly look really similar to termites which makes it really difficult for people to recognise if there is a risk of a termite infestation.

Check out the infographic below that will help you determine if you have to be concerned about termites in your home.

The table below also lists down a few more differences which can help you spot the difference between termites & ants.

Ant & Termite Differences

Differences Ants Termites
Antennae Bent or elbowed antennae Straight, beaded antennae
Body shape Narrow waistline Broad waistline
Swarmer wings Front wings are longer than their rear wings Wings are equal in length
Colour Reddish or dark-colored Transparent, light or creamy white in colour
Behaviour They merely dig into wood to excavate a space for their nests; they do not eat the wood but simply push detritus out through the openings of  he galleries of their colonies Termites eat the wood in which they nest
Wood Tunnel Very smooth and finished Rough and ragged because they are filled with layers of soil and mud
Nest Appearance Ant nests look like a pile of mud and are called “anthills” Has straight mud tunnels that run along the structure of their nests

If you’ve identified that you do indeed have a possible termite infestation drop us a line!

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