Termites 101: What You Should Do If You Discover Termites in Your Home?

Do not disturb them

Avoid treating the problem yourself if you spot termites on your property!

If there is a disruption in the environment they are in, their survival instincts will kick-in; causing them to migrate to another location which would extend the damage to your property. Termites are hardy creatures and as long as the queen is not eliminated they will continue to multiply. They are hardy creatures and difficult to deal with.

Trying to resolve the problem with regular household sprays could make matters worse!

Oops! What if I've already sprayed areas where I've spotted termites?

If you’ve already attempted to eliminate termites yourself with regular household insecticides or other off-the-shelf techniques you don’t have to panic. Take some time to seal up the affected areas with tape and as much as possible prevent any exposure to light.

Once you’re done, do not disturb the affected areas anymore and it’d be best if you get in touch with a professional to help you deal with your termite infestation.

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