Termites 101: What is Termite Baiting

The Ridpest termite baiting programme is designed to protect homes from two of the more common termite species that can be found in Malaysia:

Coptotermes gestroi

Coptotermes sepangensis

What is termite bait made of and why is it effective in combating termite infestations?

Termite bait is made from cellulose which is a structural component of wood that termites are able to consume. A slow-acting insecticide is also used in the bait which disrupts the normal growth process in termites.

Termite bait also contains the following:

  • A luring compound or attractant
  • Alpha cellulose
  • A toxicant

When deployed on your property, the bait is also moistened with water to create an environment that would attract termites to the baiting stations that have been set up on-site.

Upon consuming the bait, the affected termites will return to their nest which in turn will introduce the insecticide-laced bait to the colony & the termite queen. This in turn causes a progressive decrease in the termite population that is attacking your property.

Within weeks of ingesting the bait, the termites in the colony will die when they are attempting to molt. By attacking the heart of the termite infestation, the Ridpest Termite Baiting System is the most effective way to eliminate termites that have been attacking your property.

There are 2 types of Termite Baiting Systems that the team at Ridpest employs:

Above-Ground Baiting Stations

Above-Ground Baiting Stations are designed to be easily accessible to termites. An above-ground baiting system typically delivers the bait in areas where there are exposed mud trails as these trails are a clear indication of termite activity.

Termite mud trails can often be found on walls, ceilings, and furniture which will determine where our technicians can set up the stations to target the termites that are attacking your property.

In-Ground Baiting Stations

In-Ground Baiting Stations have two functions:

  • A deployment point for termite bait
  • They also act as a termite monitoring station

In-ground baiting stations are set up around your premises. Once the areas where the termites flock to are determined via these stations, our technicians are then able to deploy termite bait more effectively.

Feel free to reach out to us for a free online or phone consultation if you suspect that you have termites in your home. We hope this article has been helpful, till next time!

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