Termites 101: DIY Termite Control Remedies Can Be Harmful

Most pest infestations can be managed with DIY solutions such as household sprays and good housekeeping habits but termites are hardy species that require a professional touch to handle.

DIY methods could expose your property to the following dangers and drawbacks:

Attempting to use termiticides yourself could endanger the people around you, as off-the-shelf pesticides could be hazardous due to the toxicity of the chemicals present in such products.

Termiticides are concentrated and proper dilution techniques need to be employed to prepare the right mix before application. Improper application of said termiticides could also risk the health and safety of your family, friends or colleagues.

It is highly recommended that you engage a certified and qualified expert to treat the termite problem on your property.

There is also a huge financial risk in the event that an attempted DIY solution drives the termites on your property to other areas to forage for food, which prolongs the infestation. The end result is more extensive repairs due to the further damage caused by the migration of termites due to the imprecise DIY application of termiticides.

A “one-size-fit-all” DIY solution would not be effective in getting rid of termite infestations as Malaysia is home to many species of termites. Each species requires a different approach and it’s Ridpest’s job as termite professionals to determine the best possible treatment to eliminate termite infestations.

A DIY solution could result in severe damage to your property should the termite queen survive. As termites can multiply quickly, efficacy is crucial in dealing with termites on your property.

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