Ridpest Termite Protection Plan FAQ

  1. What if my property is larger than 2,500 square feet?
    If you have accidentally subscribed to this package and later realised that the property you are covering is larger than 2,500 square feet; Ridpest will refund you 90% of the fee you have paid. The remainder 10% that has been withheld covers our administrative cost and any credit charges that may have been incurred.
  2. How do I schedule an annual termite inspection?
    Customers are responsible to schedule their annual termite inspections by calling or messaging us via WhatsApp at +6018-202-1777. Please note that there needs to be a lead time of 3 working days in order to set an appointment for a Ridpest Termite Inspector to visit your home. If an inspection is unused during that particular year, the packaged inspection cannot be carried forward to the following years.
  3. How long will a termite inspection take?
    On average an inspection for termites of a premise with an area of 2,500 square feet will take 30 minutes or less to complete.
  4. How do I claim for my packaged termite baiting treatment in the event of a termite infestation in my home?
    If a termite infestation is found during a termite inspection, you can immediately claim 1 of your packaged termite baiting treatments and the treatment will be conducted on-the-spot.
  5. What happens after the initial termite baiting treatment?
    As part of our services, our team will come back to your premises in 1 to 2 week intervals to check on active termite spots until the termite threat is eliminated. These follow-up visits come at no additional cost. One termite attack treatment is made up of the initial baiting and the follow-up checks until termite elimination.
  6. How many termite inspections can I call for if I am a subscriber to the Ridpest Termite Protection Plan? What happens if I require additional termite inspections in a year?
    Ridpest Termite Protection Plan subscribers are eligible for one termite inspection per year which comes up to a total of four inspections throughout the 4-year contract period. Additional termite inspections outside of the annual termite inspections are chargeable at a special rate as long as the subscribers contract has not expired.
  7. What is the difference between a termite inspection and termite baiting treatment?
    A termite inspection involves a qualified Ridpest Termite Inspector who will come to your home to conduct an inspection to determine whether there are active termite infestations. Termite baiting treatments also involve qualified Ridpest technicians but in this case they will be setting up termite bait at active termite spots in order to eradicate a termite infestation.
  8. If an active termite infestation is detected during my annual inspection can the termite baiting treatment be conducted immediately?
    Yes, the termite baiting treatment can be done by our Ridpest Termite Inspector on-the-spot should a termite infestation be found during the course of an annual inspection.
  9. Is the termite baiting treatment safe?
    Ridpest uses termite bait that is child & pet safe and also environmentally friendly.
  10. Does the Ridpest Termite Protection Plan cover all types of termite species?
    The plan only covers the major species that affect houses namely coptotermes gestroi and coptotermes sepangensis ONLY. This package does not cover termite attacks caused by species outside of the two species that have been mentioned.
  11. Does the Ridpest Termite Protection Plan cover termite baiting treatments if active termites are found during the Initial inspection by a Ridpest Termite Inspector?
    No. The Ridpest Termite Protection Plan does not cover active termites that are discovered during the initial inspection. Subscribers will be eligible to purchase a termite baiting treatment for a special rate of RM1,500 instead of the usual rate of RM2,380. The Ridpest Termite Protection Plan will only come into effect at a later date after the initial termite infestation has been eliminated.
  12. How many termite baiting treatments can I claim for whilst I am being covered by the 4-Year Ridpest Termite Protection Plan?
    You may claim for up to four termite baiting treatments throughout your 4-year contract period. Should you use up all the four termite baiting treatments you may purchase additional termite baiting treatments at a special subscriber price so long as your contract period has not ended.
  13. How does the Ridpest 100% Money Back Guarantee work?
    Subscribers are eligible for a one time claim of the Ridpest 100% Money Back Guarantee in the event that Ridpest is unable to resolve a coptotermes gestroi or coptotermes sepangensis termite infestation 180 days after the first reported feeding by Ridpest. We will refund your Ridpest Termite Protection Plan subscription fee in the unfortunate event we are unable to resolve a termite infestation caused by the two species that are covered in the plan.