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Termite Control

We offer 3 different types of services depending on the severity of your termite problem.

Ridpest Termite Inspection

Ridpest Baiting System

Ridpest Termite Monitoring System

Ridpest Termite Inspection

  • Ridpest will provide a 20-point pest inspection during the first on-premises inspection.
  • Our Pest Control Specialists will look for visible signs of termite infestation including mud tubes or termite trails, change of colour or texture of wooden area, cracks and holes of wooden area (hollowness of structure), sound of termites and also discarded wings of termite swarmers.
  • Particular attention will be given to the critical parts of the property which are door frames, window frames, wooden or parquet floor and skirting, ceiling, built-in cabinets, wardrobes and storeroom.

Choosing the Right Termite Service

Preventive Treatment

New Development

  • Termite Monitoring System
  • Soil Treatment
  • Termite Drilling


  • Termite Monitoring System
  • Termite Inspection
  • Termite Drilling

Existing Building

  • Termite Monitoring System
  • Termite Inspection
  • Termite Drilling
Premises Already Infested with Termites

New Development



  • Termite Inspection
  • Termite Baiting System
  • Termite Drilling

Existing Building

  • Termite Inspection
  • Termite Baiting System
  • Termite Drilling

Ridpest Termite Baiting System

  1. This System is a proven revolutionary way to protect your property against any termite infestations and damages.
  2. This System works intelligently in eliminating termites’ colonies whilst being non-disruptive to property owners.
  3. This System ensures long-term protection to your property against subterranean termites.

The Ridpest Termite Baiting & Monitoring System is the only termite control solution in Malaysia that comes with a 200% Money Back Guarantee!

How the Ridpest Termite Baiting System Works

6 steps to total termite colony elimination.

Termite bait is placed on-site

The bait is consumed by termites and is brought back to the colony

The bait contains a special active ingredient that works as an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)

Large numbers of termites within the colony starts to die; creating an uninhabitable environment within the colony

The termite queen will eventually die as the worker termites are no longer able to feed her

When the queen dies, the entire colony will then be eliminated

Interest-Free Instalments

Ridpest clients have the option of paying in interest free instalments via EzyPayment through participating banks.

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Ridpest Termite Monitoring System

For effective termite surveillance, Ridpest Termite Monitoring Stations can be installed at the perimeter of your property. These stations act as baiting stations that intercept termites as they search for new food sources underground.

These stations are regularly checked by trained Ridpest Termite Field Inspectors. If termites are found at these stations, our inspectors will deploy special bait that are designed to eliminate the colony and the termite queen.

The Ridpest Professional Team will be able to monitor your property and provide early detection so we can counteract the threat of a termite attack.

Termite Fact

A termite queen can lay up to 30,000 eggs each day which is a major threat to your property that can cause thousands of ringgit in damage.

We have an outstanding track record in the industry; having helped thousands of clients of commercial and residential property to safeguard their investments.

The Ridpest 200% Money Back Guarantee

Our confidence in the Ridpest Termite Baiting System is reflected in our Risk-Free 200% Money Back Guarantee for every customer who engages us to rid themselves of their termite problem.

If our termite baiting system does not work within the first 150 days after the 1st reported feeding by our team as a customer you’ll enjoy the following:

A Full Refund

You are refunded every sen that you have invested with us for the treatment.

Your Choice of Termite Treatment

You have the option of continuing to use our service to treat your termite problem FREE OF CHARGE till the termites have been exterminated;


  • Ridpest will set aside an amount equal to the package you purchased from us
  • A pest control company of your choice will be engaged to deal with your termite problem
  • If the charges exceed the amount that we’ve set aside, you’ll have to top up the balance

If you are a developer or are building a new home Ridpest has the following services available as well:

Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

  • Termiticide is added to structures by treating or by trenching foundations to protect structures against termite attack
  • During the planning and construction phase of a structure, the treatment is usually performed after the footings have been poured and the foundation walls or pillars have been built
  • The dried termiticide will form a continuous barrier that exclude subterranean termites from the building

Post-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

  • This method involves drilling holes into the flooring or foundation of structures and injecting the liquid termiticide into the ground
  • This allows termiticide to be placed on top of concrete slab where cracks and crevices may exist
  • Termiticide can also be injected into damaged wood structures made by subterranean termites to kill existing termites

If you need any of our pre-treatment services, drop us a line.