Termite Monitoring System

Property is often regarded as a preferred choice of investment. While most property owners buys a property as a personal home, many real estate investors owns several other properties to gain rental or sale profit. In any case, owning and decorating the property is only the beginning of the journey. Managing and maintaining the property is one of the primary factors in ensuring the value of the property grows higher and gives better yield.

Safe guarding the property from forces of nature such as termites is as important as employing a good security guard for the neighborhood. A termite queen could lay up to 30,000 eggs each day creating much damage to properties and fixtures. Ridpest Termite Baiting System is able to provide monitoring and early detection of termite attacks on your property.

For effective termite surveillance, Ridpest Termite Monitoring stations are installed at the perimeter of the property. These stations acts as baiting stations that intercepts termites underground searching for new source of food. These stations are regularly checked by trained Ridpest Termite Field Inspectors. Once the stations are found with termites, the stations will be added with special bait which is a highly palatable food for termites.

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Termites will continue to feed on this bait, at the same time bringing back the food back to the colony to feed the other termites. The bait is largely highly refined alpha cellulose added with special ingredient which prevents the termites from shedding skin thus preventing it from growing. Most importantly, the queen termite will be eliminated when no other worker termite bring food to her. This process eventually eliminates the termite colony completely regardless of how deep the colony nest is.

Ridpest Termite Baiting System also comes with a 200% Money Back Guarantee on termite colony elimination. Giving you full assurance and peace of mind.

Ridpest has 28 years track record in helping thousands of commercial and residential property owners in safeguarding their investment from termites and other pests.