Termites Baiting vs Conventional Method

Traditionally, liquid chemical treatment were used to manage termite infestation problems. In liquid termite treatment, small holes (size of 20 cent coin) are drilled in concrete patios, porches, and garages. Liquid termiticide is then injected into these holes.

A liquid only treatment requires drilling into concrete, tiles or other solid ground. A proper treatment would require extensive drilling of a slab that is covered by a wooden, tiled or carpeted floor, or drilling through other masonry. The distance between each hole is approximately 3 feet. This means that the pest control operator may need to drill at least 50-60 unsightly holes around the perimeter of a 20’ X 70’ house.

In addition, the idea of this method is to put a chemical blanket between the termites in the soil and the structure above. Even the most conscientious pest management professional will have difficulty putting down a chemical blanket that is free of “gaps.” Gaps in termiticide applications may later provide access to termites.

Most importantly, the traditional liquid chemical injection method does not solve the root cause of the termite infestation. As long as the termite colony and its queen are still alive, the colony will continue to spawn and damage your property.

To effectively eliminate termites from damaging your house, we must first understand the biology and feeding behaviour of termites. Subterranean termites, the most common kind that attack properties, live in the soil. They are social insects that live in colonies which can contain up to two million members. These colonies consist of a network of tunnels and chambers built around a king and queen whose sole job is to reproduce.

The rest of the colony is made up of secondary reproductives, workers and soldiers that play specific roles in keeping the colony healthy. Termites that are going to become queens are fed special chemicals and food by worker termites to make sure that they will grow with wings and the ability to mate and lay eggs. Most of these reproductive termites will fly off from the nests in large numbers during the wet part of the year.

At this stage they all look very similar, whether they are males (kings) or females (queens) and none of them have swollen abdomens. They will fly away to begin a new colony in another place. If successful, they will meet a mate and will start digging into the soil. Once there, they will begin to form a new colony.

When the king and queen are safely together in the nest, the queen will begin to grow and produce eggs to start a new colony. Certain species are known to lay an egg every second, and so could theoretically lay over 30 million eggs a year. In most cases a queen termite lays up to 30,000 eggs a day!

Worker termites are kept busy 24 hours a day digesting wood fibres and other forms of cellulose which they eat, digest and share with other members of the colony. They can even chew through lead, asphalt, plaster or mortar to find wood. The worker caste is the most destructive of all the termite castes because of its behaviour of chewing and feeding on wood and cellulose-based materials.

When search for food, worker termites will find Ridpest Termite Monitoring stations containing highly palatable wood as a new and good source of food. These termite monitoring stations and regularly inspected by qualified Ridpest Termite Field Inspectors. Once termite are found feeding on the palatable wood, the Termite Field Inspector shall place the Ridpest Termite Baits into the stations. These stations are baited with alpha cellulose with   Chlorfluazuron, an Insect Growth Regulator. The termites share this bait with colony nestmates, which later die when they are unable to molt. As they die, the food supply to termite queen stops . Once the queen dies, the entire colony stops reproducing and eliminated.

Termites are also sensitive to threat and react quickly to protect themselves. That is why the Ridpest Termite Bait System uses a bait that is highly refined alpha cellulose that does not contain any chemical impurities that repels termites. It also contains specific amounts of feeding stimulants (patent pending) that will ensure successful elimination. Once the bait is intercepted, termites will not hesitate to consume all available bait over the other available food source. This in turn helps to minimize the wooden structural damage as well as delivery of sufficient active ingredient to eliminate the termite colony.

Ridpest Termite Baiting System is highly effective in solving termite infestation problem compared to conventional liquid insecticide spraying and soil treatment. Conventional liquid insecticide often kills certain quantity of termites but hardly kill the termite queen and king which keep reproducing every day.

The best and the most reliable method of eliminating termites is the use of baits. It is safe because it is targeted towards the pests and does not affect other animals or humans.

Solving your termite problem is definitely a job for trained termite specialists. Ridpest is renowned for its guarantee in eliminating termites colony successfully for the past 29 years. Ridpest’s latest technologically advanced termite baiting system features a double money back guarantee.

“We are committed to ensuring that every client, big or small, new or old, receives a unique level of client care which results in a “wow” experience which he or she cannot find  elsewhere.” According to Stephen Liu, CEO of Ridpest Sdn Bhd.

Ridpest is so confident of its Termite Baiting System that it comes with a 200% risk-free money back guarantee. If the Termite Baiting System does not work within the first 120 days of the commencement of the actual feeding process, you will get FULL refund of the invoice amount, and Ridpest will pay you up to the amount you have invested to get another pest control company of your choice to termite treat your house OR you can continue to use our service to treat your termite problem. You have nothing to lose with Ridpest’s double money back guarantee.

If you have detected termites in your house, or if you are unsure whether your house is safe, call the toll-free number 1-800-88-1 777 to make an appointment with our Pest Management Advisor. Visit us at www.ridpest.com

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