Ridpest is a qualified and licensed pest management company with more than 28 years hands-on experience in integrated pest management. We provide a comprehensive range of pest management solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties, as well as hotels and food outlets, covering the following pests:

  • subterranean termites
  • fleas
  • rats
  • ticks
  • cockroaches
  • woodborers
  • common ants
  • powder post beetles
  • mosquito
  • bees
  • houseflies
  • hornets
  • bedbugs
  • dustmites
HACCP Pest Control Program

This is a special Pest management program to ensure HACCP Compliance for F&B as well as medical devices manufacturers. Beyond just pest control, this program contains professional pest management progress report, recommendations and analysis.

Pre-Construction Treatment

In this treatment, termiticide is added to structures by treating or by trenching foundations to protect structures against termite attack. During the planning and construction phase of structure, this treatment is usually performed after the footings have been poured and the foundation walls or pillars have been built. The dried termiticide will form a continuous barrier that exclude subterranean termites from the building.

Post-Construction Treatment

This method involves drlling holes into the flooring or foundation of structures and injecting the liquid termiticide into the ground. This allows termiticide to be placed on top of concrete slab where cracks and crevices may exist. In this treatment, termiticide can be injected into the damaged wood structures made by subterranean termites to kill existing termites.

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