Professional Disinfection Services for your Home and Workplace


Until now, there is no WHO-approved Coronavirus vaccine available. Therefore preventive measures must be taken in order to reduce the risk of contracting this virus as it spread easily. Viruses, germs, fungi and bacteria can contaminate the air and linger on surfaces from few hours to a number of days. So far most conventional household products are not tested nor has the efficacies against coronavirus.

Ridpest offers Professional Disinfection Services to help you sanitize and disinfect your workplace or home  lowering the risk of possible infection through surface contacts. Ridpest uses a certified and renown disinfectant called Rely+On Virkon.

Rely+On has one of the broadest virus/bacteria/fungi efficacies tested todate, it has an efficient and environmentally safe chemistry among most disinfectants. These qualities make Rely+On Virkon the disinfectant of preferred choice for the use in medical facilities, pathology and biosafety,  laboratories and residential homes.

  • Suitable for homes, offices & more
  • Full inactivation of over 600 strains/clinical isolates of viruses and germs
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Approved by US EPA
  • Used by renowned Government labs (IMR & MKAK Sg. Buloh)
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Professional Team


  • Ridpest only choose US EPA certified and lab proven disinfectant.
  • It’s a safe cold mist using the Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) to increase area coverage unlike certain disinfectant which are hazardous when mist.
  • It is a US EPA certified product. It is environmental friendly and any leftover solutions can be discharge directly into the drain.
  • It has a broad spectrum: independently proven and highly effective against over 600 strains /clinical isolates of viruses/bacterias/fungi
  • Ridpest uses a very safe and powerful disinfectant using Hypochlorous acid against the viruses/bacteria/fungi
  • It has an accredited lab test report from US which shows complete inactivation of the MERS coronavirus
  • It is locally used by two renowned Government labs currently handling COVID19 sample screenings (IMR & MKAK Sg. Buloh)
  • It is a biocide disinfectant recommended by WHO for handling outbreaks. When spraying this disinfectant, there will be a complete inactivation of viruses/bacteria/fungi within 10 mins of contact time. It doesn’t leave residues/coating on your surfaces. This means there are no chance for bacteria/viruses to acquire pathogen resistance.

Ridpest’s Professional Disinfection Procedure

  • 1. Disable the room’s ventilation system and close all doors and windows.
  • 2. Cover sensitive equipment-TV and computers, food utensil and metals that are made of copper and brass
  • 3. When the ULV misting operation is being carried out, the residents must stay outside of the premises.
  • 4. The Residents are only allowed to enter the premises 30 minutes after the ULV misting had been carried out.
  • 5. Remove any light powdered residue which is inert on the disinfected surfaces with a paper towel or wet cloth
  • 6. Upon re-entering the premises, open all doors and windows and switch on all fans and ventilation exhaust fans.

Who will benefit for Professional Disinfection Service:

  • Commercial: Hotels, Shopping Malls, Offices, Cinemas, & Gym Centre
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics, Warehouses, Medical & facilities
  • F&B: Restaurants & Food Manufacturers
  • Education: Schools, Day Care Centres & Kindergartens
  • Residential: Landed Houses, Condominiums and Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why use Professional Disinfection Service?

Because it is highly recommended mode of service to achieve maximum coverage and access to hard-to-reach places which can’t be reach by normal cleaning. We use the best B & G Portable Ultra Low Volume Cold Fogger to prevent exacerbation of virus.

RIDPEST has their professional teams with good experiences in dealing with COVID-19 infection sites.

What produce is used for Disinfection?

We use the US EPA certified product which is safe for any environment as well as for human including infants. US EPA certified product is a very safe and powerful disinfection against viruses/bacteria/fungi especially for COVID-19.  This product is independently proven to completely inactivate MERS coronavirus back in 2014.

How long will the Disinfection take? Will I need to vacate when the Disinfection is being carried out?

The treatment time varied from premise to premise and depending on the size of the property. For example, 2,500 square feet will take about 30-45 mins to complete the job. After which, a minimum of 30 minutes must be allowed BEFORE re-entry.

No one should be in the premise DURING the treatment. Only RIDPEST TEAM with the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) will be allowed inside the premise while carrying out the disinfection service.

Is this service appropriate for Commercial as well as Residential?

Yes. It is appropriate for both commercial and residential childcare. It is best suited for home setting including condominium and landed properties.

When can I get my Disinfection service schedule?

We will try our best to schedule the appointment to your earliest convenient time. In view of Movement Control Order, we will need more time to mobilize our team.

Is your Team properly attired for their safety?

Our RIDPEST TEAM will wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the treatment process. This is to protect them as well as to minimize the risk of cross-contamination to client’s premise.

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