Octonel Fragrance Strip for MozzTech Mosquito Trap




Delivery Charges

  • FREE DELIVERY = Purchase of above 5 units
  • RM15 Delivery Charge = Purchase of below 5 units


  • The MozzTech MT 1003 utilizes the documented attractiveness of CO2, Octenol (Optional, which is good for approximately 30days), heat, colour, vacuum and light in an effective design to attract and capture mosquitoes and other blood-seeking flying insects.Octenol is the secondary attractant that mimics human breath. Octenol when combined with carbon dioxide (CO2), is highly attractive to many species of mosquitoes, female mosquitoes in particular, and other blood seeking insects.MozzTech Octenol Fragrance Strips should be effective for up to 30days depending on weather conditions.


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