Cimex Eradicator Steamer


Cimex Eradicator– New solution for Bed bug elimination without involving 0% of pesticide. We just use dry superheated steam at 180 degree Celsius to kill adult bedbug and also the unseen eggs. This new method is very safe for those who are prefer greener lifestyle and allergic to chemical.

This steamer has universal method for use on all kinds of surface and it also has total action where it can gets into even the hardest to reach corners, crack and crevices.

There is no chemical involve at all, therefore it may be used while there are people in the room. The room also may be used immediately after the treatment done.

Beside bedbug, it may also reduce/eliminate the bacteria, mites, viruses and fungi.


Additional information

Built-up area

Below 1000sqft, 1001-2000sqft, 2001-3000sqft, 3001-4000sqft


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