Do you know mosquitoes cause more death and
disease than any other animal on the planet?

Different deadly diseases are caused by mosquitoes like Zika, Malaria, dengue, chikungunya and more! In Malaysia the Aedes Mosquito is mostly associated with the spread of Dengue fever. And the worst part, there is no cure for dengue and no vaccine either. It is up to our own body to defend itself.

Another concern is Zika, a virus that can be spread via mosquitoes just like dengue. Although Zika virus is not prominent in Malaysia but it has stroke Singapore in a frightening level. Therefore, it would be wise to raise our precaution against it because Zika is currently having an infection spree that caused havoc.

As we all know prevention is better than cure, so eliminating mosquitoes in the best way. There are many ways to eliminate mosquitoes like Insect spray, fogging, larviciding, mosquito netting, UV Light Mosquito Traps etc. But the question is are the safe? Because all the above techniques / treatments have its pros and cons and there is no best-way to eliminate mosquitoes until now.

How deadly is Mosquito borne viruses?

Since last year, the mosquito borne Zika virus made headlines worldwide since it has caused a massive outbreak across at least 13 countries in the Americas and Southeast Asia. For now, over 60 countries were stroke by Zika virus. Although Zika’s symptoms are mostly minor in adults but it can cause birth defects (microcephaly) in babies when their mothers were infected during pregnancy. Current research also suggests that Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), an uncommon sickness of the nervous system, is strongly associated with Zika. The large numbers of microcephaly cases associated with Zika also caused WHO to announce Zika as a major threat to global public health.

Introducing RidMozzie, a new way to eliminate mosquitoes.

RidMozzie is a revolutionary strategy that completes the *missing puzzle in reducing adult mosquitoes. RidMozzie uses the PlantZom technology, which is a special environment-friendly formulation that turn plants to mosquito killing-machine.


* (incomplete life cycle of mosquitoes)


  • Less harmful chemical used
  • Reduce usage of Insecticide, uses plant based organic formulation
  • Save time and sustainable Costs
  • Non-invasive
  • It’s proven (significant reduction in mosquitoes of 70% to 85%)
  • Increased Productivity
  • Safe to humans, flora and fauna
  • Zika & Dengue Free Guarantee*

How it works

RidMozzie uses its formulation to bind plants with pesticide. Once its sprayed on plants, it will spread and cover the plant surfaces (leafs and branches) and make it lethal for mosquitoes once they come in contact with it.

The formulation is water and weather resistant and it lasts up to 28 days. This means that the pesticide’s active ingredients is not washed away by rain therefore retains its strength over longer periods with less pesticide used.

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*Zika & Dengue Free 100% Moneyback Guarantee

We are so confident that our Ridmozzies indoor and outdoor treatment is effective to control Andes mosquitoes and if it fail, we will refund you 100% of what you pay us. We want you have the peace of mind that you can enjoy a Zika/Dengue free environment with this risk-free 100% Moneyback Guarantee.

We will cover the whole family staying in the house inclusive of the maids. No condition where you’re bitten, so long the doctor can confirm a written medical report that it is confirm Zika/Dengue on any member of the family staying in the house. However, this does not include any visitors staying or visiting the house.

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