1. Does RidBug leave any stains or odour on sprayed surfaces?
    RidBug does not damage or leave sticky residue, stains or odour on treated surfaces.
  2. What are the efficacy and mode of action of RidBug?
    When mixed with water and sprayed on insects, RidBug causes immediate external immobilisation and has a physical mode of action that is similar to a sticky trap.
  3. Is RidBug effective against pests’ eggs?
    RidBug is effective against insects that are in the active developmental stage, e.g. larvae, nymphs and adult form. It is recommended to repeat the treatment when new individuals hatch. In the case of bed bugs, a repeat treatment needs to be conducted 7 days after the initial treatment.
  4. Can RidBug be applied in the presence of the elderly, children or pets?
    RidBug can be used in the presence of the elderly, children and pets as the formulation is eco- friendly.
  5. Is it recommended to remove plants from the place of a treatment during the application?
    Yes, we recommend that plants be removed in order to prevent any harm that could be caused by the formulation.
  6. What pests can be effectively exterminated by RidBug?
    RidBug has a broad spectrum of action towards numerous species of insects such as cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and etc.
  7. Can RidBug be safely used in the presence of food products?
    Yes, RidBug can be used in the presence of food products.
  8. How long is the waiting period before RidBug has an effect?
    RidBug has no waiting period and has an immediate knockdown effect.
  9. Where can RidBug be used?
    RidBug is recommended for use in residential homes, hospitals, food storage facilities, food processing establishments, warehouses, hotels and restaurants.
  10. What are the items that are bundled with a full set of RidBug?
    Each RidBug set comes with one (1) 500ml trigger sprayer and one (1) 20ml vial of RidBug solution.
  11. How many spray treatments can I get from a 20 ml vial of RidBug?
    Every 20ml vial of RidBug is enough for 8 spray treatments, assuming a dilution rate of 2.5ml of RidBug mixed with 500ml water is used.