Interesting Facts About Termites

Termites feed on decaying and rotting wood making them an important part of the earth’s ecology. However, when they show up in our homes, you definitely want to get rid of them because of the damage that they cause.

Here are some interesting facts about termites that you’ll need to understand.

  • Termites feed every day, all day long which makes them very efficient at removing dead wood in jungles & forests. Unfortunately, when they turn their attention to buildings & structures their feeding habits makes them very destructive.
  • Termites never sleep and they eat 24/7 without stopping. The reason why they don't sleep is because they are simple organisms and have no need to recharge their batteries unlike most creatures.
  • Termites have a highly-organised caste system known as an eusocial. There are 3 major castes in each termite colony; workers, soldiers, and reproductives.
  • In Malaysia, termites cause approximately RM40 million in property damage. There are 200 different species of termites in Malaysia and 90% of the property damage in Malaysia is caused by the Coptotermes species.
  • The lifespan of termites is approximately two years for both workers and soldiers. Termite queens can live for over 20 years.

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