Bedbugs are often associated with humans because they are dependently mainly on them for their blood meal. They are ovate in outline, flattened and measuring about 5mm in length and


3mm in width. They are reddish brown in colour and emit a distinctive ‘bug’ odour.Their active period is in the middle of the night. However, during daytime, they hide inside cracks and crevices, mattresses,skirting and corners of beds. Their most active time is between 3.00am to 5.00am.

Both male and female bedbugs suck blood from man regularly. The female may lay eggs up to 350-500 eggs in her lifetime. They undergo incomplete metamorphosis lifecycle. From studies done, the adults may live 3-6 months and they can withstand starvation for up to a year.

They are considered pests mainly because of their nuisance biting. They are never incriminated as disease vector.



  • The best way to control bedbug infestation is through good sanitation.
  • Bedbug-infested articles such as clothes and mattresses should be disinfected by pouring boiling water over them or exposing to sunlight.
  • If you considering having second-hand furniture, disinfect the items prior to moving them into your house.