Q: Do I need any pest management experience to own a Ridpest franchise?

A: You don’t need to have any experience in pest management to become a Ridpest franchisee. However people with entomology background will be considered a plus. You will receive step-by-step training by members of the Ridpest team in the important aspects of operating your business.

Q: How much money can I expect to earn?

A: Ridpest does not provide estimates of profits or revenue because the actual results of individual franchisee are based on factors that are not within the control of Ridpest. However you will be consulted with Ridpest Franchise Development Associates and review the disclosure document.

Q: What is the franchise fee used for?

A: The franchise fee is a “price” for franchisee to use the Ridpest trademark, business system and the support on operational, marketing, training and research and development.

Q: Are there any ongoing fees after I have paid the initial franchise fee?

A: Yes. You pay an ongoing royalty of 8% of gross sales on a half-monthly basis.

Q: Does Ridpest assist me in finding a location?

A: Yes. We will help you with all phases of site selection and analysis. By doing so, we can help to ensure that your location has the potential to become successful.

Q: Am I given a protected territory?

A: No. You are not given a protected territory so that you can enjoy easy expansion of business. However if Ridpest determines that a new franchise should be granted and the location is near an existing franchise location, the existing franchise will have the first right of refusal.