DO’s & DON’Ts in Managing Termite Activity

  1. DO NOT spray directly on any  termite trail or infestation with an aerosol as this will cause the termites to change their path and continue attacking your property
  2. DO eliminate any moisture in and around your property as termites thrive in such conditions
  3. DO repair any pipe or roof leakage. Removing a constant supply of water that keeps the area moist makes the environment less habitable for termites
  4. DO monitor any noticeable change in your door frames, skirting boards, windows and other wooden areas in your home
  5. DO remove any mulch in or around your property as termites thrive around decomposing material
  6. DO routine inspections to look out for termite trails around your property

Termites infestations are not something that can be treated via DIY methods.  If you suspect any termite activity on your property, please seek professional advice. The Ridpest team is ready to assist you and we would be able to inspect and treat your home if it has a termite problem.