Bed Bug, Flea & Tick Treatment

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misting treatment is the safest and most friendly way to get rid of bed bugs, fleas and ticks.

The treatment is water-based, and it leaves no greasy residue in your home.

Ridpest Professional Team are well-trained to use the ULV equipment, ensuring that your bed bug, flea or tick infestation is resolved in just two sessions.

For customers who are keen on safety and concerned about their pets, children and the elderly, this treatment provides them a total peace of mind. As the pesticides used are non-staining and odourless, it is therefore safe for residents.

ULV misting treatment can be safely used for all kinds of surfaces. Its greatest advantage is that it can easily access to hard-to-reach corners, cracks and crevices to reduce and most of all to eliminate bed bugs and fleas.

Service Description:


  • Two (first and second) treatments to be done within 7 days.
  • Pre-Inspection on site DURING first treatment.
  • Residual Spraying on all fabrication such as bed, mattresses, sofas and carpets and other targeted areas.
  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Misting (water-based) to ensures pesticide spread widely and evenly into all areas.
  • Using non-staining and odourless pesticide.

Interest-Free Instalments

Ridpest clients have the option of paying in interest free instalments via EzyPayment through participating banks.

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