Ridmozzie – Aedes Mosquito Control Treatment, Zika protection


Ridpest latest revolutionary Mosquitoes treatment against aedes mosquitoes. Say No to dengue!!!

If you are looking for effective and NON TOXIC solution to get rid of Aedes Genus that carries ZIKA and deadly DENGUE virus, Ridmozzie Outdoor and Indoor is the answer. Find out how you can test it for free for 1 time treatment if you are a pregnant mother.

**Buy one (1) year and FREE one (1) year

Package Price (based on the actual garden area):200guaranteesmall

(1) Below 2,000 sqft

Outdoor – RM3,900

Indoor – RM 1,600

(2) 2001 sqft to 4,000 sqft

Outdoor – 7,800

Indoor – RM 2,400

(3) 4001 sqft to 6,000sqft

Outdoor – RM11,700

Indoor – RM 3,200

(4) 6001 sqft to 8,000sqft

Outdoor – RM15,600

Indoor – RM 4000

It cover monthly treatment for one year (1) contract.

*Dengue and Zika Free 200% Moneyback Guarantee

We are so confident that our Ridmozzies treatment is effective to control Dengue and Zika mosquitoes and if it fail, we will get 200% of what you pay us.  We will refund the following:-

1. FULL refund of 100% of what you pay us.

2. We will continue to do one year Treatment for FREE.

We want you have the peace of mind that you can enjoy an Dengue and Zika free environment with this risk-free 200% Moneyback Guarantee.

We will cover the whole family staying in the house inclusive of the maids. No condition where you’re bitten, so long the doctor can confirm a written medical report that it is confirm Dengue or Zika on any member of the family staying in the house. However, this does not include any visitors staying or visiting the house.

** 1st 100 customers or while stock last. Enjoy 200% Moneyback guarantee by choosing Ridmodzzies Indoor and Outdoor.


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